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Listening to babies during labour

December 19, 2022 Katie James and Dr Rachel Reed Season 4 Episode 4
The Midwives' Cauldron
Listening to babies during labour
Show Notes

In this episode Rachel & Katie discuss all things listening to babies during labour. 
Rachel walks us through:

  • The Herstory of listening to the baby’s heart rate during labour. 
  • The interesting and scary history of the inventer of the pinard trumpet. 
  • Rachel’s “heart beat” impression! 
  • Rachel’s ‘under water’ pinard story! 
  • We discuss pinards and doppler listening devices. #bringbackthepinnard  
  • What is the evidence for fetal heart rate monitoring in labour. 
  • The current guidelines on intermittent auscultation. And the one piece of evidence a lot of guidelines are based off. 
  • The normal and expected changes in a full term healthy baby’s heart rate during labour.
  • Rachel gives tips on how to navigate working in the hospital environment with consented or declined auscultations. 
  • Katie looks for sponsorship from Kendall mint cake, you have to listen to know what we’re on about with this one! 
  • And last but by no means least, CTG monitoring and what the research says about outcomes for women and infants.

Rachel's blog post

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