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Nipples, shields, infant sucking, pumping, and milk volumes - An interview with Prof Donna Geddes

March 29, 2023 Katie James, Dr Rachel Reed, Prof Donna Geddes Season 4 Episode 9
The Midwives' Cauldron
Nipples, shields, infant sucking, pumping, and milk volumes - An interview with Prof Donna Geddes
Show Notes

Professor Donna Geddes is the director of the Geddes Hartmann Human Lactation Research Group. Based in Perth, Australia, the group is made up of innovative and dedicated scientists and students that have a passion for developing measurements of lactation and breastfeeding and then applying them to make a difference to clinicians and breastfeeding families. The group makes a point of not only publishing their findings in scientific journals but spreading their information via free online articles and social media on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In.

Donna has a medical imaging background with an emphasis in ultrasound imaging. She has integrated this modality into many of the group’s studies providing a ‘window’ to different physiological processes during lactation. If you have listened to our previous podcast where I have spoken about the in quotes discovery of the breast anatomy - this is Donna! She showed the world the true anatomy of the lactating breast and could visualize how milk ejection occurs through her ultrasound techniques.  Her findings have attracted much international attention and she is often requested to speak at both International and National Scientific Meetings. She is the Secretary for the International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation.

In this episode

·      the tools and technology we currently use and what we could be seeing in the future  

·      using technology to identify if milk has come in or if there's inflammation in the breast

·      how to accurately test milk volumes

·      the controversial topic of test weighing

·      identifying lactation issues correctly- sucking and milk transfer and/or milk supply problems

·      nipple pain and nipple shields

·     and we look at extremely high suck vacuum levels and effects on breastfeeding

Prof Donna Geddes
Geddes Hartmann Human Lactation Research Group

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