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Breastfeeding aversion, agitation and dysphoric milk ejection reflex - An interview with Zainab Yate

June 26, 2023 Katie James and Zainab Yate Season 4 Episode 13
The Midwives' Cauldron
Breastfeeding aversion, agitation and dysphoric milk ejection reflex - An interview with Zainab Yate
Show Notes

In this episode Katie talks to Zainab Yate. Zainab is a Biomedical Ethicist, with a specialist interest in infant feeding. Zainab is Vice Chair and named qualitative lead on a paediatric flagged Research Ethics Committee Panel for the Health Research Authority (HRA) in the UK.  She's also been a volunteer breastfeeding peer supporter with the NHS for a number of years, is the owner-author of the resource site for mothers and healthcare practitioners on Breastfeeding / Nursing Aversion and Agitation and author of "When Breastfeeding Sucks".

We discuss what is breastfeeding aversion & agitation, and what is D-MER (dysphoric milk ejection reflex)? 
We look at the differences between the two. 
And ask what do clinicians need to look for specifically?
Why does D-MER and breastfeeding aversion occur, how long it normally lasts and what can be done to support women who experience this? 
We talked about what "being touched out" means and how to deal with it. 
And we take a dive into when the euphoria does not happen immediately after birth. 

This is such an incredible episode full of lots of really thoughtful insights, I know you will get a lot out of it. Enjoy. 

Zainab Yate  Differential diagnosis article
Zainab Yate Breastfeeeding aversion article
Alia Heise – D-MER
D-MER resources
Recent research on D-MER 

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