The Midwives' Cauldron

Our special edition: "We hit one million downloads" episode!

July 14, 2023 Katie James and Dr Rachel Reed Season 4 Episode 14
The Midwives' Cauldron
Our special edition: "We hit one million downloads" episode!
Show Notes

Welcome to the biggest episode yet! Well not really, but we have met a milestone I couldn’t have fathomed 3 years ago on 20th July 2020.  It has hit home what has happened over this time and how this 'little' podcast has grown into something really fantastic. And this is due to my dear friend Dr Rachel Reed, our amazing guests who have so kindly donated their time to come on, and to all of you who listen in each episode and make the effort to share it, talk about it, grab a bit of merch to promote it, those of you who have financially supported the show and also those of you who have written in with your stories which have often bought me to tears. I am humbled and really bloomin grateful. 

This is a bonus episode just for you. You will not hear anything about birth, midwifery, or breastfeeding! Be warned! This is a listener special where we asked you guys for your questions about us!

So what will your lug’ols be filled with today? 

·      Katie’s story of a bag of crisps called Keith

·      Rachel dancing to Oliver Twist 

·      How surprisingly we both chose very similar people to invite to our dinner party!

·      But don’t talk to Rachel about bananas or pineapples

·      We reminisce on going clubbing together from 11am on public holidays in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the UK. 

·      We let you in on what we got up to at our midwifery university graduation

·      And finally … how Katie got chased by a lion. 

Should make for good listening… not educational listening at all, but if you are up for being told a story or two then grab a cuppa and sit down with us in this special episode!

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