The Midwives' Cauldron

Early labour

July 31, 2023 Dr Rachel Reed and Katie James Season 4 Episode 15
The Midwives' Cauldron
Early labour
Show Notes

In this episode Rachel takes us into the world of ‘early labour’. She’s been promising it for a long while, and here it is. Get your lug’ols around this one! 

In this episode we discuss:

·      What’s going on physiologically during this phase of childbirth

·      Beta endorphins and how they work for us during labour

·      The neocortex and what is so important about this part of our brain as we birth

·      Why women in early labour who attend the maternity unit are often sent back home

·      Early labour and the maternity system 

·      How early labour interventions can be prevented

·      We discuss birthing babies into your tights!

·      And whether we can ever fully prepare women with prenatal education 

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