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Plus Size Pregnancy - an interview with Dr Sara Wickham

September 12, 2023 Katie James, Dr Rachel Reed, Dr Sara Wickham Season 5 Episode 1
The Midwives' Cauldron
Plus Size Pregnancy - an interview with Dr Sara Wickham
Show Notes

Welcome to season 5!! This episode we have the marvelous Dr Sara Wickham back in the cauldron with us talking all about what’s in her new book Plus Size Pregnancy. 

Sara talks to us about:

·      How women and families want, need and deserve better answers to their many questions about higher BMI and birth, and that midwives and birth workers need to know what the evidence says. 

·      Clarification of what is the BMI and as Sara says “it’s a racist, sexist, classist” index created for complete different reason than for health! 

·      We look at why a higher BMI comes with so many tests and limitations for birth and Sara talks us through the existing evidence.

·      Are women with a high BMI more at risk of caesarean section, and if so what are the real reasons behind this?

·      Why the phrase morbid obesity is utter nonsense and rooted in a much darker context.

·      Sara delves into diet culture, it’s myths and the marketing behind it. 

·      Weight bias and fat shaming in healthcare.

·      And why using BMI is problematic in maternity care.

You’ll hear all this and much more in this fabulous episode.

Plus Size Pregnancy book
Dr Sara Wickham website
Sara on Instagram  @drsarawickham
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