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Labour pauses - Failure to progress or just normal? - An interview with Dr Marina Weckend

October 26, 2023 Katie James Dr Rachel Reed Dr Marina Weckend Season 5 Episode 3
The Midwives' Cauldron
Labour pauses - Failure to progress or just normal? - An interview with Dr Marina Weckend
Show Notes

Dr Marina Weckend is a midwife and post-doctoral researcher based at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. Building on 13 years’ experience in midwifery practice, education and research in Germany, UK and Australia, Marina is committed to improving maternity care services through better understandings of birth physiology. Her current program of research focuses on natural fluctuations and pauses during labour and birth, and seeks to normalise physiological plateaus as a strategy to reduce childbirth medicalisation. 
In this episode we discuss: 

  • What are physiological plateaus in labour? 
  • Are labour pauses normal? 
  • When do they occur during labour and birth? 
  • How long do they last? 
  • What’s the defining feature of a physiological plateau? 
  • How do midwives think and work with them based on their experiences? 

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Physiological Plateaus Newsletter
Oct 2023 Failure to progress or just normal?
Physiological plateaus during normal labor and birth: A scoping review of contemporary concepts and definitions
Failure to progress or physiological plateaus? A constructivist grounded theory explaining midwives’ views of healthy pauses during childbirth.  

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