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Taking up space and the power of anger with Bonnie Hughes

December 13, 2023 Katie James, Dr Rachel Reed, Bonnie Hughes Season 5 Episode 5
The Midwives' Cauldron
Taking up space and the power of anger with Bonnie Hughes
Show Notes

 Bonnie Hughes is a midwife, with a background in musical theater and journalism. She is the creator of the podcast series Making a Midwife, and an animation film-maker hobbyist. Bonnie is passionate about the power of story, and how the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we live, the stories we are part of, and the characters we play in those stories shape the future. Bonnie explores, both through her midwifery work and her art how she can create a positive and uplifting impact for both midwives and the women and families in her care. 

This episode will fuel your day tenfold when you hear us talking  about the importance of taking up space and the power of anger.

We discuss: 

·      Working as a newly qualified midwife.  

·      Her incredible stop animation film titled ‘Big Trouble’ 

·      How society puts girls and women into a place where they have to earn their worth.

·      How women are conditioned to be small in size and mind, and the constant worry about how much space we take up in the world. 

·      We touch on how almost every woman in a maternity unit talks about their size, whether pregnant or not. 

·      We discuss how anger destroys us when we silence ourselves and let it fester. 

·      And we ask “How can we use anger for its best purpose?” 

Bonnie Hughes films

Big Trouble

The shared anatomy of Students and Midwives

Rage becomes her: the power of women’s anger by Soraya Chemaly 

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