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Pregnancy sickness and hyperemesis breakthrough with Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly FRS

March 18, 2024 Katie James and Professor Sir Stephen O'Rahilly Season 5 Episode 9
The Midwives' Cauldron
Pregnancy sickness and hyperemesis breakthrough with Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly FRS
Show Notes

In this episode I discuss with Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly all things pregnancy sickness and Hyperemesis. 

Just a few months ago the scientific evidence was published highlighting what causes pregnancy sickness and hyperemesis. This breakthrough discovery came from the work of Prof Sir O’Rahilly, his team and the team from Dr Marlena S. Fejzo in the US.

This ground breaking work gives hope to thousands of women globally who suffer terribly throughout their pregnancy with extreme nausea and sickness. 

  • I discuss what it is that causing this to happen during pregnancy. 
  • Why our human bodies could be making this hormone and what it’s use would possibly be for.  
  • And what the future holds for a cure, how Prof O’Rahilly and his team are working collaboratively with the pregnancy sickness support, a UK charity, women who have and are currently suffering from hyperemesis,  and a team of obstetric specialists to find the answer to help stop this condition. 

Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly FRS, is Co-Director of the Institute of Metabolic Science (IMS) and Director of the MRC Metabolic Diseases Unit which is part of the broader University of Cambridge Metabolic Research Laboratories which he also directs.  On the wider Cambridge Biomedical Campus, he is Scientific Director of the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre and Head of the University Department of Clinical Biochemistry.

He was elected FRS in 2003, to the National Academy of Sciences, USA in 2011, has received five honorary doctorates and numerous scientific awards. 

In 2013 he was made Knight Bachelor & for services to medical research.

His main research area is the aetiology and pathophysiology of human metabolic and endocrine disease and how such information might be used to improve the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of these diseases.

Pregnancy Sickness Support UK 
Dr Marlena S. Fejzo HER Foundation
GD15 linked to maternal risk of nausea and vomiting during pregna

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